Free Philosophy

The aim of Philosophy is to set people free.

Free from pressure and free from worry, free to grow, free to be themselves and free to be happy. This 10 session course, an introduction to Practical Philosophy, looks at life and its meaning, the world and its causes.

It considers what holds us back and what sets us free.

Based on the classic philosophies of east and west it invites students to see life as a testing ground for applying the words of the wise to daily living through practical exercises.

Our next set of free philosophy courses will commence in January 2017 in Edinburgh and Glasgow - details soon. There is no course fee, only a £10 non refundable registration charge.

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Where the only exam is life



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thought for the week

“You live that you may learn to love. You love that you may learn to live. No other lesson is required of man.”

Mikhail Naimy (1889 – 1988) Lebanese author and poet